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Grand Gateway serves as the NFIP coordinating agency in Northeast Oklahoma.
GGEDA assists the counties and municipalities in their responsibilities in fulfilling FEMA requirements.

  • Provide information about NFIP requirements.
  • Facilitate Community Assistance Visits and Community Assistance Contacts for OWRB & FEMA.
  • Assisting with establishment of community floodplain boards.
  • Assisting with the preparation, adoption, and review of floodplain ordinances and regulations.
  • Assisting with the development of administration, enforcement and permitting systems.
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning.
  • Providing technical assistance and review of flood damage prevention ordinances and floodplain board regulations.
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Economic Benefits of Floodplain Management

A key component of floodplain management implementation is convincing community leaders that reducing flood loss at the local level can help develop a sound, stable economy.  By following regulations and ensuring that development in the floodplain meets required standards, taxpayers and local governments will save money and overall federal disaster recovery costs can be reduced.   Grand Gateway EDA supports and encourages communities to consider the NAI approach to floodplain management.

For more information contact Grand Gateway at 1-800-482-4594.

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