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Grand Gateway Economic Development Trust Authority was created and established as a public trust for the use and benefit of the beneficiaries for the public purposes hereinafter set forth, under the provisions of Title 60 O.S., Sections 176, et seq, as amended and supplemented, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Title 74 O.S., §§ 1001-1008, inclusive; the Oklahoma Trust Act and other applicable statutes and laws of the State of Oklahoma.

Beneficiaries of Trust

The beneficiaries of this trust shall be the counties of Craig, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, Ottawa, Rogers and Washington, which beneficiary counties shall constitute the area included within the district.  All beneficiaries shall become beneficiaries pursuant to and in accordance with Title 60 O.S., Section 176 et seq, as amended and supplemented, the Interlocal Cooperation Act and other statutes of the State of Oklahoma presently or hereafter in force and effect.

The purposes of the Authority are:

  • To permit local governmental units, including the beneficiaries to make the most efficient use of their powers by enabling them to cooperate with other localities and governmental units on the basis of mutual advantage and thereby administer programs and provide services, planning and facilities in a manner and pursuant to forms of governmental organization that will be in best accordance with the geographic, economic, population and other factors influencing the needs and development of local communities and beneficiaries.
  • To provide a practical and organized means by which the governmental units and public agencies within the district may cooperate and coordinate their activities as above set forth to achieve maximum benefits and results.
  • To render assistance to its beneficiaries as is within the scope and range of its activities and purposes.
  • To contract for services with persons or firms or other units and levels of government to carry out the purposes of the authority; to apply for, contract for, receive and expend for its purposes, funds or grants from any participating governmental unit, the State of Oklahoma, the federal government or any agency or department thereof or any other source.
  • To receive funds from the beneficiaries as set out in this Trust Indenture to finance the cost of operation of the authority; to receive grants, gifts, contributions and donations to carry out the purposes for which the authority is formed; to receive and accept from any federal or state agencies grants or loans for or in aid of the construction of any facility or system and to receive and accept aid or contributions of money, labor or other valuable things from any source.
  • To acquire or lease, construct, reconstruct, extend, improve, purchase, install, equip, maintain, repair, enlarge, remodel and operate any property, utility, building, improvement, equipment and other facility of every nature for use by the United States of America, the State of Oklahoma, municipalities, conservation districts, counties or other political subdivisions of the State of Oklahoma, or agencies or authorities of the foregoing or for the use of corporations, individuals, partnership, joint ventures, associations, proprietary companies or other entities; to plan, establish, develop, construct, enlarge, improve, extend, maintain, equip, operate, lease, acquire by lease, furnish, provide utilities, improvements, buildings, equipment and facilities of every nature within or without the territorial boundaries of the State of Oklahoma which are or shall be of public use or useful in securing, developing and maintaining industry, industrial and commercial projects and activities and to service machinery or equipment in connection therewith.
  • To promote the development of industry within and without the territorial limits of the State of Oklahoma, to provide additional employment which will benefit and strengthen the economy of the State of Oklahoma, and to perform functions and powers in cooperation with both public and private entities as authorized by community and economic development statutes.
  • To do any other act, legal under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and beneficial to the beneficiaries hereof.

Board of Trustees:

Chairman:                         Vacant
Vice Chair:                        Mike Dunlap, Washington County
Trustee:                             Russell Earls, Ottawa County
Trustee:                             Roy Bible, Craig County
Trustee:                             Doug Smith, Delaware County
Trustee:                             Tim Kilpatrick, Nowata County
Treasurer:                         Dan Delozier, Rogers County

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