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Residents Have Rights.

If you are a resident or related to a resident of a long term care facility having problems related to the care of a resident and feel the management is not addressing your concerns please contact Grand Gateway Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman Lahona Young at 1-800-482-4594. These ombudsmen are available to work complaints in addition to facility ombudsman volunteers that may be in your local facility. We coordinate with other agencies when necessary to address allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of long-term care residents.

Grand Gateway Area Aging on Aging has ombudsman supervisors who train and recruit volunteers to advocate for residents of nursing homes, residential and assisted living facilities in the Grand Gateway district. An ombudsman helps improve the quality of life and quality of care for residents who live in long-term care facilities. A Long-Term Care Ombudsman receives complaints and attempts to resolve those complaints within the facility. The Ombudsman has the authority to explore problems and recommend corrective action. The goal of the Ombudsman Program is to have a volunteer in each facility throughout the seven counties.

Grand Gateway needs volunteers with the following qualifications:

  • Have a concern about older people and their needs with the ability to see each as an individual.
  • Be able to work with many types of people without being judgmental.
  • Be responsible; be willing and able to follow problems to their resolution.
  • Be able to accept training and supervision.
  • Be able to spend at least two hours a week in the program.
  • Be free from conflicts of interest.
  • Pass an FBI fingerprint background check.

For further information on the Ombudsman Program contact Lahona Young at 1-800-482-4594 ext. 220.

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