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The Board of Directors meets every other month.  Special meetings may also be called at the discretion of the Chairperson, at the request of the Board, or by the Executive Director in Emergency Situations.

The Board of Directors is the only authority for amending the Joint Resolution and Agreement. It establishes and approves the annual work program for the Association. The Board retains authority for determining annual membership dues. It selects the Board of Directors which serves as the general governing and superintending body of the Association.

Members to the Board of Directors will be appointed or elected during the month of January each year.  Representatives to the Association’s Board of Directors must reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the entity they represent.

    • Each county shall appoint two (2) directors, who shall be the county’s direct representative.
    • Each municipality, which has a population in excess of 4,000 according to the latest Federal Decennial Census, shall appoint one (1) director who shall be their direct representative.   Each municipality that has a population in excess of 8,000 shall be entitled to appoint one(1) additional representative, for a maximum of two (2) representatives for any one municipality.  The chief elected official of each of the various incorporated municipalities with populations below4,000 shall, at a meeting called for said purposes and to be held in each county, by a majority vote, elect one (1) director to represent them on the Board of Directors.
    • The other public entities, hereinafter referred to as Special Interest Groups/Other Governmental Entities, located within the various counties which are or will become members of this Association, shall appoint one (1) director from each of said Special Interest Groups/Other Governmental Entities to represent them on the Board of Directors.  Members from this classification may include, but are not limited to: Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority, Miami Area Economic Development Services, Tri-County Vo-Tech, NE Area Vo-Tech and such others as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director.
    • Additional Directors shall be appointed to the Board of Directors in the following manner:  A meeting shall be called for said purposes at which representatives of the various political, civic, religious, fraternal, professional and social organizations substantially representative of the minority population, (as defined by federal statutes) of said district, by majority vote, nominate a prescribed number of Directors.  These nominations shall thereafter be submitted to the constituted Board of Directors of the Association whereby the same shall be appointed to the Board of Directors by said Board.
    • Each Conservation District shall appoint, by and through the act of their Board of Directors, one (1) representative.
    • The full Board of Directors elects the executive committee, selects the Executive Director and sets the salary, and formulates policies, rules and regulations for effective administration by the Executive Director and staff.


Grand Gateway Board of Directors Officers

Chairman:                 Russel Earls
1st Vice Chair:          Rick Littlefield
2nd Vice Chair:         Dan Delozier
3rd Vice Chair:          Ryan Ball
4th Vice Chair:          Dean Bridges

Treasurer:                 Lowell Walker
Secretary:                 Rick Barnes


Grand Gateway Board of Directors by County

Craig County:           Lowell Walker, Dan Peetoom, Chuck Hoskin, Morris Bluejacket

Delaware County:     David Poindexter, Barbara Barnes , Keith Morgan, Debbie Bottoroff, Bud C. Simmons

Mayes County:          Ryan Ball, Cheryl McNutt, Meredith Frailey, Larry Lees, Charles Bowlin

Nowata County:        Burke LaRue, Troy Friddle, Dean Bridges, Arthur Coppock,

Ottawa County:         Russell Earls, Chad Masterson, Dean Kruithof, Steve Gilbert, Randy Gardner, Duane Bryant

Rogers County:         Dan Delozier, Ron Burrows, Kenny Weast, Jill Ferenc, Kyle Clifton, Thomas Sweet, Edward Crum

Washington County: Mike Bouvier, Michael Dunlap

District-Wide:            Joe Hutchison, Rick Littlefield, Johnnie Earp, Rosalie Griffith, Rick Barnes, Anna Knight, Diane Kelley

Legal Counsel:          Marion Stinson

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