Regional Comprehensive Planning Services

Grand Gateway Economic Development Association prepares and maintains several regional comprehensive plans. These plans not only qualify regional entities for federal and state grants and loans, but they also serve as foundations for municipal and county plans.

The regional plans address concerns such as emergency/disaster, housing, environmental quality, transportation, public transit, economic development, senior services and quality of life concerns. Staff often helps prepare localized plans for member entities using regional plans as a model. 

  1. The development of local plans

    • County Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMP)
    • Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF)
    • Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)
    • Energy conservation plans for communities and public buildings (EECBG)
    • Senior center operational plans
    • Entrepreneurial Ready Community programs (RSU/Innovation Center)
    • Flood management assistance
    • Historic preservation development
    • Case Management Plans for Advantage Care

  2. The development and adoption of regional plans

    • Area Agency on Aging 3 Year Area Plan  - link to PDF
    • Pelivan Transit 5 Year Development Plan - link to PDF
    • Area Disaster Plan - link to PDF
    • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) - link to PDF
    • Regional Executive Summary (CIP)
    • Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) - link to PDF
    • Caregiver Regional Plan - link to PDF
    • E911 Wireless Fee Collection/Distribution Plan
    • Statewide Homeland Security Training Program

Some of the Regional Comprehensive Planning Services include:


Hazard Mitigation

Regional Comprehensive Planning


Disaster Planning

Flood Plain Management

Historic Preservation & Development

State Data Center Network Affiliate


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